Featured Member: Tatianya Uys

1. What do you like most about training with Peri or at Pure?

Peri is an amazing coach. She can look at your swim stroke and tell you exactly what you need to do to correct it and make your swim more efficient and effortless. I started with Peri a year and a half ago when I had absolutely 0 idea how to swim freestyle. I’ve told this story over and over again, but the first time Peri and I met for a 1×1 coaching session she said “Ok, show me how you swim freestyle”. I replied “I can show you how I THINK one swims freestyle”. The night before our session I was frantically watching YouTube videos on how to swim freestyle so I had an idea of how one does it but have never actually swam with anything but a beer in my hand on the lake. So I jumped in the pool and could barely do 3 strokes without getting a mouth full of water, coughing and gasping for air. Peri looked at me and said with a kind smile “Yeah, we will need a couple more 1x1s”. Why am I telling this story? Well, that is where I was 1.5 years ago. Today, I do laps in the pool like a fish. Maybe a slow-ish fish, but I do not gasp for air or stop, unless at the end of an interval, I know how to position my body (thanks to Peri) so I exert the least effort and move the farthest distance and I actually really enjoy swimming now! Besides, without Peri’s coaching my swim, I would not be training for my first Ironman now!
Another thing I have to say about Peri is that she is super encouraging and kind. She is the type of a person you instantly like and want to be friend with. She kicks your butt in the pool, but you appreciate it because you know she wants you to get better/faster/stronger. I lovingly call her my #TriMom

2. How long have you been training with Peri/ at Pure? Are there other amenities or aspects of Pure you especially enjoy?

What do I like about Pure? Well, first of all – amazing staff! Everyone is SUPER friendly and always greets me and says good bye and have a nice day with a smile. The girls at the front desk know that I need two big towels when I walk in for my swim and I do not even have to ask, they just hand it to me. Make me feel special 🙂
Pure is by far the cleanest gym I’ve ever been working out at. When I am there, the cleaning crew is always there, wiping sinks, cleaning showers, mopping the locker rooms. It is amazing. AND the pool is ALWAYS spanking clean. There are never hair ties, cigarette butts or other junk that I’ve encountered at other gyms. And what can beat an outdoor gym?
I also love that there is a Quarry to practice my OWS in. As a triathlete it is absolutely invaluable to me in my training. The quarry also serves as a perfect transition if you want to do a swim/run brick as there is a nice gravel path around the lake. I mean, what other gym in Austin has that? None!
You can also find any and every type of equipment at Pure no matter what your workout needs are. It is great.

3. What are some of your past race accomplishments?
4. What are you training for currently? How’s training going?

I am fairly new to the sport of triathlon but I am just so stoked that I only started with it a year and a half ago and am now training for my first Ironman Texas on 4/22 of this year. When I finished my first sprint distance tri at TriRock Austin, I felt like it was the most amazing day of my life. Since then every race from several sprint distances to a few Olympic distances to my first Half Ironman last October felt like the best day of my life. I get butterflies and goosebumps thinking about crossing the finish line at Ironman Texas. I am counting down the days and hoping that my body that went from a couch potato to Ironman training in such a short period of time will stay strong and allow me to get through all the training.

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