Featured Member: Triathlete Hannah Kanne

In 2016 I was selected by my company’s global initiative, Win4Youth, to represent North America alongside 72 fellow Ambassadors from around the world. Win4Youth supported 9 youth foundations by way of donation through the sport of triathlon. As Win4Youth Ambassadors our goal was to motivate colleagues, clients and associates to help accumulate 4.1 million kilometers through swimming, cycling and running. Also, being an Ambassador meant participating in the Ocean Lava Lanzarote Triathlon (olympic distance) in October. You guessed it…this entailed training!

I knew hands down Pure Austin was the place I’d train, because everyone I asked where I should train pointed me to Pure Austin and the best triathlon training coach in Austin – Peri Kowal! I knew my weakest discipline was swimming and I’d need major help in this area. Thank goodness Peri came to my rescue! She didn’t hesitate to step up to the plate and take on the challenge. Not only did she help me from barely being able to swim 2 laps in the pool to swimming 100 laps in Masters Swim Class, but she played a key role in conquering my biggest fear going into swimming…the OPEN WATER! She was and continues to be one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders throughout my training journey.

Pure Austin offered a lot for me in terms of having well-maintained equipment, great hours, and a wide variety of workout options for my training, but what I enjoyed most was their friendly and warm culture. I felt like a valued family member every time I visited. They also supported me in my Win4Youth local events. Thanks to Dawn and the Pure team I was able to host a Cinema Cycle event to help accumulate kilometers! In the end, I wouldn’t have been able to successfully complete my ocean swim in Lanzarote without Peri nor would we have met our kilometer goal without the help of the Pure Austin team!


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