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Greg Cook

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Greg has a strong passion and love for sports and fitness that began when he first started playing organized sports as a child. Part of his love of sports stems from his fascination with the body’s ability to improve through training. The right workouts can not only help you build muscle and burn fat – they can also make you stronger, faster, more agile and more coordinated. They can even help you avoid injury. This mindset help Greg design fun but challenging sports performance inspired workouts to help you accomplish your goals; whether you want to lose weight or improve your 40 yard dash.
Greg competed in Track and Field for 4 years while at Rhodes college. He was awarded all-conference honors in multiple events each year, set 3 school records, and was named captain his senior year. He began personal training in 2011 after a few seasons as a Track and Soccer coach.

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