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Jill Zann

“Eat Clean…Train Dirty”

Jill specializes in creative and high energy workouts… using gym toys like Swiss, Bosu, and Med balls, cables, free weights and TRX suspension straps to spice up her programs. Adding Plyometrics for those who want to build power and speed, sports performance drills or functional training and always a focus on core strength. 

Four years of work in physical therapy clinics as a PT assistant teaching exercise-based physical therapy has made her a “stickler for form” and properly executed strength training technique, and an expert in injury prevention. If you are recovering from or dealing with an orthopedic injury, she will still create a challenging workout for you…Injury isn’t an excuse to sit around eating chips! She firmly believes in lifestyle modification and that nutrition, flexibility, strength and cardio should ALL be part of a solid program no matter your fitness goals. With Jill, it’s personal training with an emphasis on “personal”- your goals become her goals with tailored workouts and attention.

Growing up loving anything athletic, she still enjoys snowboarding, jogging, weight training, biking, hiking with her dog, and playing as much guitar as possible! 

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