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Nathan Miller

“Real change to one’s health and fitness is ALWAYS possible. Real change requires desire, know how, and a methodical approach. After all requirements are met, one must still have the fortitude to be persistent in their pursuit, as real change takes time.”

Personally I am passionate about riding bicycles—for both recreation and racing. I also love weightlifting, as well as exploring the neurology of movement—for cross training and injury prevention. Professionally my passion comes from helping people achieve ANY goal they feel is important to them, whether it’s getting a person out of pain or lowering their marathon time. My training style is balanced, considering the client’s likes as well as what I think is best for them. My philosophy is rooted in science, and the principles of neurology taught through Z Health. Z Health has taught me how to target and utilize the various parts of the nervous system to help people get out of both chronic and acute pain, as well as breakdown old performance barriers. Once you understand the nervous system, and the difference between good and bad movement, you can literally help anyone with anything.

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