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Phil Swain

“If you are looking for someone to help you achieve your goals I am happy to help.  I have worked with high caliber athletes, the injured, obese, elderly and people who suffer from chronic and acute pain.  I believe I am qualified to serve this variety of clientele due to an emphasis on lifelong education.  If there is something out there that can help you I want to know about it.“

Phil prides himself on striving to be the best personal trainer in Texas.  He has been training since 2001, has been the top trainer for fitness industry leader The Sports Club LA (Boston), and holds four degrees from several top academic institutions. He also maintains six national certifications for training and coaching. In addition, Phil is one of the first Z-Health Master Trainer and Master Instructors in the country.  Z-Health is a performance based system that resolves pain and injury through the use of functional neurology.

Phil works with individuals to decrease body fat, improve nutritional habits, rehabilitate injuries, and increase muscle mass, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and coordination.  In regards to his training style Phil says, “I incorporate many different techniques and approaches into training. I was lucky enough to work at one of the best facilities in the country in Boston where I was exposed to physical therapists, nutritionists, massage therapists, a resident physician and the Red Sox team chiropractor. My recent pursuit of the Z Health Performance credentials has taken my training knowledge to the next level. Learning how to incorporate advances in neural research into fitness programming has made a huge difference for my clientele; both my clients and myself are continually amazed by the body’s potential. I include movements from yoga, pilates, martial arts and traditional strength training in my programs, while also advising on nutrition.”

While at The University of Texas, Phil authored Strength Training and Nutritional Guidelines for the Texas High School Athletic Association (UIL). Phil also has written numerous articles for the fitness website In addition to training, he has worked for the Buffalo Bisons and Fort Myers Miracle Professional Baseball Organizations, ESPN, and the Miami University Athletics Department.  When he is not working he enjoys training in martial arts, and spending time with his wife Melissa and dog Cassius


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