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Tim Shannon

I am passionate about many things! I love riding my motorcycle, snowboarding, playing sand volleyball, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, sweating, training myself and others (nonstop cheerleading), traveling, staying on top of fitness trends, and spending time with my family and friends.

My vision is to fashion inspiring goals and create laser-like focus to achieve them. Training should be fun, creative, and informative. Beyond looking fantastic, I want to guide people on a fitness journey that will ultimately improve quality of life, self-confidence, performance, and mental toughness. My training style is geared towards clients looking for a toned and sleek athletic physique. Essentially, when athletic performance meets aesthetic physique. My training philosophy involves high-intensity, short duration bouts using intervals to push thresholds and improve performance, restoring optimal stability and mobility at muscle joints, core muscle isolation, multi-planar movement machines, weightlifting techniques, correcting functional movements and body mechanics, and increasing range of motion and flexibility.

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