Comprehensive Lifestyle Coaching at Pure Austin with coach Cain Grant

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cainWhat is Lifestyle Coaching?

Cain: Lifestyle Coaching is a holistic approach to wellness that looks at all factors in a persons life that can either contribute to or rob from the quality of ones daily existence.  Going through what a person chooses to do and what they are exposed to in a day we are able to empower them with the tools needed to optimize their health.

I’ve seen and heard the term, “Lifestyle Coaching”, used in the past. Is it all the same? If not how is it different?

Depending on the context, a person might be familiar with the term “Life Coach” which almost exclusively deals with the psychological aspects of behavior change. As far as the current and future understanding of “Lifestyle Coaching” we can describe it as a professional who is taking aspects of a persons psychology, physiology, nutrition, exercise, genetics, etc., and blends a systematic plan to create harmony amongst those systems.


Who would benefit from Lifestyle Coaching?

Cain: With no exaggeration, everyone could benefit if only for the simple idea of having someone else examine their daily behaviors to see what they themselves cannot. Not only from the standpoint of a deeper understanding of these issues, we can be a mirror for the person to be able to explore things that are harder for them to see on their own.

Could you tell me about someone you’ve coached and what type of results they had?

Cain: Every individual will have unique needs even if they present with a lot of the same issues. One individual that I have recently dealt with had wanted to address weight control, but going through the process of daily examination we were able to see that sleep and stress were the primary drivers to any lack of weight control. Identifying that with the individual and giving him mitigation techniques he was able to exert control over the factors that were driving his physiology.

What form of education do you have in this area of coaching?

I am a C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology. I have 10 years as a personal trainer with many exercise specific certifications. All these differing fields of health education allows me to offer a well rounded approach to improving a persons wellness.

 How do I get started?

Cain: A person can get started by requesting a free 15min “get to know Lifestyle Coaching” by emailing me, or asking the front desk for further information.

Here’s what one of Cain’s lifestyle coaching clients, Richard Carter, had to say.

“Going into the Lifestyle program or Comprehensive Health Consulting I was looking to identify which decisions I make in my daily routine were either contributing to or robbing from my health. As we went though the different areas of focus we were able to implement changes that gave me a clearly noticeable effect on my specific choices.  Looking at things like diet, exercise, sleep, stress, relationships, etc. I learned the tools to balance the kind of choices that lead to a better daily existence.  Even on the most challenging days I’ve practiced enough strategies to limit the destructive effects of those factors on my health. I’m excited to continue to learn, refine, and enhance these hacks to optimize the quality of my daily life.”